Get excited about your goals. Grind like you still got a point to prove. Network with the right people. Step out of your comfort zone. Be brave when it comes to challenges. Spend less time in bed. Feed your mind. Go out there and make things happen. Complain less. Let sh*t go. Stop negative habits. Keep your circle positive. Smile, laugh and love often. Make kindness a priority. Keep counting your blessings. Talk about the things you love. Try new things out. Travel when you can. Live in your means. Spend time with your loved ones. Take good care of your body and soul. Make your happiness a priority. Be humble.

En vän till mig delade denna på Instagram från Vex King och jag älskar. Kände att detta var den perfekta morgonmotivationen såhär en Tisdag. Man kan aldrig bli påmind alltför ofta så ville dela med mig av texten till er <3

A friend of mine shared this text on her instagram written by Vex Kind and I love it. I felt that this is the perfect morning motivation this Tuesday. You can just never be reminded enough and so I wanted to share this with you <3