Världens bästa helg

Alltså vänner, jag känner mig helt överväldigad efter denna helgen att jag knappt finner ord. Men jag har verkligen världens finaste, roligaste, galnaste och underbaraste människor i mitt liv. Dom bästa man kan tänka sig. Och att jag får kalla dom mina vänner gör att jag känner mig så jäkla löjligt bortskämd. Nä, men helt seriöst. Min födelsedags/vår inflyttningsfest var världens bästa och jag hade så jäkla kul. Det var en helt perfekt kväll och jag är så tacksam för alla som kom och alla fina presenter som jag blev bortskämd med. Tack tack livet för världens bästa helg.


Friends, for real. I feel completely overwhelmed after this weekend that I just can´t find any words. But I really have the world´s greatest, loveliest, funniest, craziest and most amazing humans in my life. The best you could ever wish for. And to be able to call them my friends makes me feel so silly spoilt. No, but for real. My birthday party / our housewarming party was the best ever and I had so damn fun. It was just a perfect evening and I am so grateful for everyone that came and all of the presents that I got spoilt with. Thank you life for the best weekend. x

#nouwoutfit #nouwinspo

Jag älskar att förbereda dekoration osv inför fester och i Lördags fick jag käka upp det då vi hade ett par hundra ballonger att blåsa upp haha / I love the preparations and to decorate parties and here we had a couple of hundreds of balloons to blow

Ready with my Champagne bottles from Lagerhaus! And here’s my outfit for the night! Dress + shoes from ZARA

We had prepared lots of mini burgers, crackers and different sorts of tapas food!

Hangouts in the kitchen - classic!

Sweetest Yasmine, Melissa & I!

We were almost 40 people bunkered up in our apartment, COSY!

These people ♥️

Some details of the decoration! Theme was glitter!

Welcome drinks are a must! 😘

My babe Idalina tho 😍

Then it was time for beer pong and stacking games!

Me and Tino had made a quiz with personal questions about us on Kahoot, where you play individual on your phone answering the questions. Love playing games like that!

Left pic: Everyone is very concentrated on the quiz here haha.

Dani boy!

After the quiz everyone got to do a music quiz where the songs were covered by a finish band haha! And after that the night continued on until about 5 in the morning when I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore! Great evening! X

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