Blir ju paranoid

me last year on Lombok island living life.. VS right now staying inside to avoid Corona.

Hör olika fakta, olika saker från både höger och vänster om det här Coronaviruset. Ska vi vara rädda? Ska vi inte vara rädda? Kan inte undgå att man börjar undra hur fasiken detta ska gå när allt stänger ner. På ett sätt är det bra att företag och organisationer hellre är för försiktiga än dumma, visst? Men man kan ju inte undgå att undra vad för effekter det här kommer få på samhället. Vår ICA ekar liksom tom på dom allra flesta hyllorna nu och vi har fortfarande inte bunkrat upp.

Idag har jag stått på jobbet hela dagen och haft en och annan som har hostat rätt ut utan att hålla för munnen och jag har smort in mina händer med handsprit fler gånger än jag kan räkna. Jag kan inte hjälpa att bli annat än lite paranoid.

Därför så ska vi nu ha en mysig hemmakväll, hälla upp snacksen och försöka fokusera på något annat än det här viruset så nu blir det seriemaraton hela kvällen. Vad gör ni denna Lördag? <3

- - - - - -

I'm hearing different facts, different things from both left and right about this Corona virus. Should we be scared? Should we not be too scared? I can't deny that I am starting to wonder how this will go down when everything is closing down. In one way it is really good that companies and organisations are being too careful rather than stupid, right? But yeah, I just can´t help but wonder what kind of effects this will have on society. Our supermarket is echoing empty on most of the shelves now and we still haven't stocked up with food yet.

Today I've been at work all day and I've had more than one person coughing right out into the air and I've washed my hands with sanitisers more times than I can count. I can't help but getting a little bit paranoid.

So therefore we will now have a cosy quiet night inside, pour up the snacks and try to focus on something else than this virus so tv serie marathon next! What are you up to this Saturday? <3




Indeed, this is uncharted territory honey, there's no playbook for how to deal with something so pervasive and fear-inducing. I urge everybody to just listen to and trust the experts, and don't engage speculation or listen to people who are ignorant of pandemic knowledge. I think the word for everybody to embrace is to please BE "RESPONSIBLE", by that, I mean like, sure an 18 year old ain't gonna get sick or die from it, but they should be responsible to everybody else in the population who is more vulnerable and fragile to the disease. And all of the warnings and precautions are sensible because we don't want all of the hospitals full of Covid-19 patients, because that would be a disaster for everybody else who might need any kind of medical attention for whatever reason. So we must stop the spread as quickly and efficiently as possible. Self-quarantine is ideal as much as possible. It's kinda like when there's like a blizzard warning and the weatherman says "don't go out if you don't have to", common sense, and avoid all "non-essential" activities during which the infection could spread.
Härligt med en myskväll! 😊